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   The Prophet

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´´Kunst ist eine Waffe die mit Zukunft geladen ist´´

Was sind die Dinge wert wenn wir sie nicht leben wie wir sie denken.

Ned nur drucken beim Scheißen !
3.2.07 21:02


hungrey bee

3.2.07 22:37

fragmente of a hungey bee

do you remember the songs we sang for the trees
and around this bed of flowers all thou hungrey bees
do you stil belive in what you say you live and think
or do you blow it up whith a sad song and a drink
wher is your idea you planted as a seed
oh got it lost when your hart has stopped to bleed/beat
what is it? what did resist from this tears of blood
wher they just wasted in this whole lot of´a mudd.
may i take you back into the garden of your cherrytree
hey are you really that scared from the hungrey bee?
(that bee that wher you just flying and shouting muuuh)
Lord did you buy her a golden mercedes benz
(or wasn´t it true love as it seemed at the first glance)
or did she bring you the knwoledge of witchdance
did it bring the luck you expectet from colour-tv
or is it still the same youre hungrey like a bee
is it true (that) you can´t aulways get what you want
(or did you feed yourself with hard boild and james bond)
just put a record on my advice is ``blond on blond´´
Answer me one question ``ìs it hopless and verlorn ?´´
Come in i say i´ll give you shelter from the storm

In the end the light turns off we all get eaten by a hungrey worm

verliert, versteckt, vertrinkt, verraucht, verneint, vernichtet eure ideale nicht!
verwirklicht sie

ps: fresh meat taken out of el Oso´s backpack
3.2.07 23:03

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